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The COR Team 2016-2017

Doctoral Students
Barnali Mazumdar 
is a first year PhD student. She is currently working on the adaptation and standardization of the Western Aphasia Battery-Revised (WAB-R), in her mother tongue, Bengali. She is interested in employing, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a cutting-edge neuroimaging tools for structural mapping of the brain to explore the neural bases of language. During her leisure, she enjoys travelling and cooking different cuisines. She is a big advocate of meditation.

Surani Nakkawita is a first year PhD student in COMD.  Her research interests include acquired neurogenic communication disorders and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with an emphasis on Aphasia and Dementia.  

Bonnie Dupre 
is a senior the Communication Sciences and Disorders program, from Kenner, LA. Bonnie is completing her Honors Thesis this year exploring how a self-selected music program called Music & Memory help people with dementia increase their communication skills. She plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Speech-Language Pathology following graduation.

Catherine "Cat" Pinas is a senior from Darien, IL. Cat is working on her Honors Thesis this year.  HEr love for older people led her to explore whether a self-selected music program called Music & Memory can reduce agitation and increase the quality of communicative interactions in people with dementia. She is in the COMD program and hopes to pursue a Master's Degree in Speech and Language Pathology upon graduating. 
Seniors (continued)
Renee Bonnafonns
Courtney Snyder
Brittany Klein

Ali Sweeney